Alumni Unit Report for First Semester 2020-2021 

1.    Report introduction:

This is report about Alumni unit of UCM in First semester (2020/2021 G).


2.   About the unit:

Professional and social communication with male and female graduates 



3.   Objectives:

-          Support the relationship with alumni to facilitate professional collaborations with the College of Medicine

-          Constant communication with alumni including those at employers positions to facilitate employment and training opportunities for medical students.

4.   Members:


Dr.Lamees AlSulaim ‘’Head of the unit’’

Dr.Mohmmed alBeshri

Ms Tahani alhaji “ secretary of the unit”



5.      Tasks: (Action plan of the unit)

-          Construct an electronic data base of alumni updated as needed

-          Keep productive communication with alumni especially in research activates

-          Participate in the alumni activities at the college

-          Guide students through seminars and conferences



6.      Executive Plan and points of improvement :

-          Create full data base about the gradates by knowing the number who accepted in programs and their specialties and non -accepted gradates and this obstacles

-          Create meeting if possible between the gradutes

-          Publish the name of our gradutes on the official UCM website


Unite achievements  : Statistical analysis of all the mechanisms of communication with the graduates, activities and opinion polls

-          Send the employee evaluation for program directors to evaluate the gradates

-          Start early to collect the DATA from MD4 students to minimize the loss of gradates from our data base and the response 99%

-          Share activities from student club which may help gradutes “ e.g USMLE preparation exam lecture which was presented by our student”

-          Create a communication channel between the students and the alumni in from of asking about the programs and  the best center and share experience


7.      Statistical analysis:

-          Gradutes of 2018/2019

8.  Opportunities for improvement:

-          tracking our graduates and involve them in the research and activity of UCM

-          annual meeting for graduates


9. Implementation plans for recommendations of improvement:

- follow our graduates and encourage them to share their achievement

-Encourage mentorship


Head of unit:

Dr.Lamees AlSulaim

12:30 PM