Quality and Accreditation Unit

First: Forming the Quality and Accreditation Unit as follows:

Dr. Ahmad AlantarySupervisor
Dr. Salman AlmansourDeputy
Dr. Alaa FerganyMember
Dr. Manal Al-BatanoniMember
Dr. Mohamad Yosof
Dr. Khaled Suliman
Dr. Ahmad Alshafie
Mrs. Asma Al-Shamsham

Second: It is organizationally linked to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and performs the following tasks:

For both committees: Submit quarterly reports on activities and achievements to the Deanship of Development, Quality and Academic Accreditation

1- Accreditation Committee:

·         Drawing up a work plan and verifying the availability of all quality standards required to obtain academic accreditation locally and internationally.

·         Follow up and apply all necessary steps and procedures to obtain accreditation.

·         Follow-up on the implementation of improvement proposals submitted by accreditation bodies

2- Quality and Strategic Planning Committee

·         Providing the data and information necessary to evaluate and develop the college's plans.

·         Participate in drawing up and achieving the strategic plan for the college.

·         Verify and follow up on the application of quality standards in the educational, organizational and administrative fields.

·         Suggesting tools and means for evaluating the educational and administrative performance in the college.

·         Raising public awareness among faculty members of the importance of achieving quality.

·         Preparing periodic reports and including suggestions and recommendations regarding college plans

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