Disciplinary Committee for Students

First: Forming a Disciplinary Committee for Students as follows:

Student Disciplinary Committee (Male)

Vice Dean for Academic AffairsChairman
Head of the relevant departmentMember
Faculty member (academic Advising)Member

Student Disciplinary committee (Female)

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Head of the relevant department (or his representative)
Faculty member (academic Advising)

Second: It is organizationally linked to the Vice Dean for academic Affairs and performs the following tasks:

1- Dealing with all student violations stipulated in the University Disciplinary Regulations.

2- Control the behavior of students within the college and its various facilities.

3- Approval of disciplinary sanctions according to the university’s student disciplinary regulations.

4- Submitting its decisions to the Dean of the College for submission to the competent authority.

12:00 PM