Assessment and Examination Unit

First: Formation of the Assessment and Examination Unit as follows:



Dr. Mohammed Elmuttalut   

Director of the unit and coordinator between committees

Affiliate Committees

Reviewing Questions Committee

Dr. Mohammed Elmuttalut   

Mr. Dr. Manal Al-Batanoni

Dr. Khaled Suleiman

Dr. Amina Rashidi

Dr. Farhan Balooshi

Dr. Rehana Numan

Question Bank Committee

Dr. Farhan Balooshi

Dr. Walaa Fadda

Dr. Reham Abdullah

Dr. Rehana Numan

Electronic Test Committee

Dr. Walaa Fadda

Dr. Ahmed Al-Antary

Dr. Muhammad Amin Ansari

Dr. Reham Abdullah

Mrs. Majd Al-Samnan

Mrs. Nora Al Diab

Test Safety Committee

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Qunaibit

Dr. Mohammed Al-Damgh

Dr. Arwa Alfredi

Dr. Haifa Olayan

Dr. Lamis Al-Suleim



Second: It is organizationally linked to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and performs the following tasks:

1- Question Review Committee (Basic and Clinical Phases):

·         Receiving test questions and verifying their conformity with the quality standards of tests approved by the college

·         Establishing activities to train and raise the quality of tests prepared by faculty members

2- Question Bank Committee:

·         Make recommendations regarding the programs the college needs to run a question bank.

·         Building a special question bank for each discipline through the annual addition of new questions.

·         Management of programs related to the question bank.

·         Establishing mechanisms for providing the departments with exam questions and providing the bank with new questions by the departments.

3- Electronic Exam Committee:

·         Organizing committees, halls and the time of electronic exams

·         Inclusion of questions approved by the course team in the examination devices

·         Educating new students about the system used for electronic exams

·         Technical support in the event of adding new technologies to the tests and security tests

4- Test Safety Committee:

·         Make recommendations to maintain the security of questions as they are transferred between departments and committees

·         Propose strict and fair procedures to reduce cheating during testing

·         Supervising the progress of the test control process

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