Building Development Committee

First: Forming a Building Development Committee as follows

Dr. Fahad al Matham Chairman
Dr. Osama al-RuqaieDeputy 
Dr. Hamad Al-sikhanMember
Dr. Adel Al HammadiMember
Mr. Ibrahim Al-ShubailyMember
Mrs. Khaleda Al-SalemMember
Mrs. Nora Al-GhafeesMember

Second: It is organizationally linked to the Dean and performs the following tasks:

1- Inventory of the deficiencies and needs of the male and female students’ building and follow-up on their provision

2- Develop a time plan for the transfer of male students to the new building and follow up on its implementation.


Third: This decision shall be effective from its date and for a period of one year, and all previous decisions that contradict it shall be cancelled

11:25 AM