Research Unit

First: Formation of the Research Unit as follows:

Dr. Moath AljohaniChairman
Dr. Abdul Majeed AlkhameesDeputy
Dr. Osama Al-RuqaieMember
Dr. Osama AlwatidMember
Dr. Manal Al-BatanoniMember
Dr. Hamdan Abul-BasherMember
Dr. Siham Al-AyedMember
Mrs. Asma AlmoslehSecretary

Second: It is organizationally linked to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and performs the following tasks

1- Linking and coordinating between the Deanship of Scientific Research at the university and the research unit at the college

2- Writing a strategic plan to raise the level of scientific publishing in the college

3- Building relationships with research centers in health institutions for research cooperation

4- Take advantage of other research centers in the Kingdom to benefit from their expertise

5- Urging faculty members to scientific publishing and developing their research capabilities

6- Providing administrative and research support to faculty members who wish to conduct scientific research

7- Connecting student researchers and research supervisors

8- Continuous development of the unit and a recommendation to raise its material and human needs.

9- Submit an annual report to the dean of the college that includes:

·         The activities of the research unit during the academic year

·         The number and information of research published during the academic year (Researcher, title, journal)

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