Academic Advising Unit

First: Formation of the Academic Advising Unit as follows:

Dr. Naif Al SagheerChairman
Dr. Nadiah Al HabardiDeputy
Dr. Alaa FerganyMember
Dr. Abdu Majeed Al KhameesMember
Dr. Afnan Al Wabli
Mrs. Amira Al Mutairi

Second: It is organizationally linked to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and performs the following tasks:

1- Receiving new students, guiding them and introducing them to the college's regulations

2. Introduce students to the importance and objectives of academic advising

3. Arranging training programs for faculty members in academic advising

4. Dividing groups of students into academic advisors from faculty members

5. The unit follows up the meeting of academic advisors with their student groups

6. The advisor explores the academic, social, psychological, or material obstacles that led to a drop in the academic level and stumbling, and makes recommendations in this regard to be studied by the counseling unit.

7. Each student submits a brief report to the Counseling Unit after each meeting with the academic advisor

8. Each advisor submits a brief quarterly report on each student to the counseling unit

9. Academic advising unit submits quarterly reports to the Vice Dean for academic Affairs.

11:45 AM