Recruitment and Collaborators Committee

First: Forming the Recruitment and Collaborators Committee according to the following:

Dr. Ibrahim ElkuniabetChairman
Dr. Ahmed AlantaryMember
Mr. Turkey SanhatSecretary

Second: It is organizationally linked to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and performs the following tasks:

1- Determining the needs of the various departments of the college and arranging them according to priority, in coordination with the departments.

2- Attracting faculty members from different countries of the world if a citizen with the same qualification is not available.

3- Studying the files of faculty members nominated to work in the college and coordinating personal interviews with the concerned department.

4- Follow up with the university administration to finalize the contracting procedures.

5- Receiving new members and directing them to the relevant departments.

6- Assessing the need for collaborators and verifying that all required forms are filled out.

11:55 AM