Statistics and Decision Support Unit

First: Formation of the Statistics and Decision Support Unit as follows:

Dr. Mohamad Al FhaidChairman
Dr. Rasha SalamaMember
Dr. Reham Al MaroulSecretary

Dr. Osama Nasser

Second: It is organizationally linked to the Vice Dean for the Clinical Affairs and performs the following tasks:

1- Building a database containing the numbers of students and graduates.  

2- Counting all the activities held in the college, results details and numbers of beneficiaries.

3- Inventory of all activities outside the college organized by the college or with a contribution from it.

4- Counting the number of researches published by faculty members

5- An inventory of all the local, regional and international achievements of the students and employees of the college

6- Submit an annual report of all statistics to the dean of the college before the end of the academic year.

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