Vision, Mission and Goals


Providing an interactive and integrated educational environment aligned with the current National and International Frameworks for Medical competencies to graduate highly qualified and competent physicians, who serve their communities and carry out research in a professional and ethical way that reflect the College's social accountability, and shows commitment for continuous personal and professional development, readiness to further their medical specialization, and effective leadership consistent with the National Future Vision.


To graduate distinguished medical students with high medical qualities, competencies, knowledge, and behaviors in an ethical context of social responsibility for the health needs of KSA.


1. Provide evidence-based medical education aligned with the National Framework for Medical Competencies (SaudiMED).

2. Adopt an interactive learning environment by implementing recent trends in teaching, learning and assessment in health professions education.

3. Acquire in-depth medical knowledge, and develop analytical thinking, and problem solving skills among graduates.

4. Graduate health professionals who serve their communities and provide humanistic patient care.

5. Develop the communication, the interpersonal and the information technology (IT) skills necessary to function as an effective and accountable member of a health care team.

6. Foster self-directed, life-long learning among graduates.

7. Promote scientific research and leadership readiness among graduates in lines with the National Future Vision.

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